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We provide trained, full time offshore employees to handle manual tasks campaign management, design and report.

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We're A Results
Driven Team

Growth means results. Each and every GrowthAssistant is hired to help your company maximize its growth potential. 

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It Is Our Mission To Make Work Better For GrowthAssistants
Across The Globe

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We're Driven By Our Values

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Fast Hiring

Time is money. We hire fast to make sure you have the talent you need ASAP.

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Quality Talent

We only hire the top 0.5% of applicants for the highest quality of offshore help.

Value on Both Side

You get energetic full time team members, they get high growth jobs at top companies.

We're Global and Growing

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GrowthAssistant launches

Adriane and Jesse, old friends who reconnected during Covid, decide to launch a new business. 

February 2021

Over 100 GAs Placed

Less than 6 months after launching, we had placed over 100 talented team members.

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August 2021


We celebrate our 1st anniversary since incorporation alongside our nearly 200 team members and dozens of clients!

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March 2022


Our 1st Anniversary

The Founders

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Adriane Schwager


After years in HR with top organizations, Adriane struck out on her own and founded GrowthAssistant.

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Jesse Pujji


Jesse founded GA as the first GatewayX company. Since then, GrowthAssistants have powered his team.

Grow Your Business With Us