We want you to have the best working experience with your new Growth Assistant (GA), so we have listed some of the best practices for getting your GA up to speed.  It’s time for onboarding! 

Preparing for your GA’s First Day 

Here are some of the things you need to plan in the days before onboarding your GA.

Make a Priority List

​First things first - start brainstorming the list of tasks and responsibilities you have in mind for your GA. If your GA is being shared across the team, make sure all team members have input.  Start high-level with your task list, then prioritize what is most important.  Next, start planning for the first week.  Here’s an example of a priority list you can share with your team for input:

GrowthAssistant Priority List

Planning the tasks for the week/30/60/90 day results in an efficient and effective working system. Doing so can give you an idea on what specific projects you’re expecting your GA to focus on and complete by a certain date, and therefore what systems and training may be necessary. This also avoids overwhelming your GA (especially in the first few weeks), and allows for a smooth onboarding period.

Create Project Plans

A Project Plan is suggested as a clear way for communicating tasks to your GA. A Project Plan includes all the details needed for a specific project such as the deadline, project requirements, and other necessary instructions. Having a Project Plan helps set expectations and improves the outcome of your GA’s project. Below is a template of a Project Plan:

GrowthAssistant Project Plan

Dear [GrowthAssistant’s Name],


Kindly let me know if you can complete the project below by the given deadline. If not, please inform me of what adjustments can be done. Thank you!

Task Title:


Suggested Project Duration:


Task Description:


Project Objective:


Project Requirements:


Expected Output:


Project Deadline:


Important Notes:


Next Steps:


Thank you and let me know if you have any questions!

Access to Systems

GAs need access to your systems and communication platforms to do their job well.  Having the following set up prior to the first day is recommended:

Access to essential systems - In order to have a smooth and quick start, it is important that your GA has access to all the essential tools that you use at your company. You can start by creating their company email and then adding them to your communication channels and project management tools. Make sure that they are given the right level of permissions on each channel and tool.  Please note, each GA will have a email address.  If you’d like them set up on company email as well, feel free to do so. 

Send a welcome email they can review when they log into their inbox for the first time (see example below). 

Invite them to any weekly team meetings.  Even if your team is working remotely, it is important to introduce your new GA to the other team members to make them feel welcome and valued. Creating connections and interactions within the team helps your GA become more engaged and invested in your company. Having a good working relationship with the other members of the team also adds to your GA’s comfortability and confidence at work.

Hello [GA Name] and welcome to the [Company] team!  

Here’s a timeline for your first day:

9am PST - lets meet and review the scope of things you can do before you have our laptop, go over any logins you’ll need, and I can let you know about our marketing strategy.  

10 am PST - Come to our marketing team meeting.  I’ll introduce you to the team.  Be prepared to say a few words about yourself.  You’ll mostly just listen today.  

11am PST - Please review X,Y, and Z.  Watch these videos. 

1pm PST - Please log into our system and get acquainted.  

This week, please schedule 15 minutes with each team member to learn about their role and how you might work together. 

Your GA’s First Day!

Now that your priority list and project plans are ready, and you’ve granted access to systems, it is now time for your GA’s first day!  Here is a checklist you can use to orient your GA on their first day:

Review the Priority List and Project Plans

Now that your GA has been fully onboarded with the right tools and channels, it is now time to review the incoming tasks and projects. By discussing the Priority List and Project Plans with your GA, you will both have a better understanding of each project and expectations. This can be the time your GA can address their questions to you. It is important to make the project plans as clear and detailed as possible so that when your GA is working independently, they can look back at the details of the Project Plan if ever they need a guide.

Communicate the Norms and Expectations

Another key part of the onboarding process is setting clear expectations at the beginning.  Let your GA know what you expect from them, and learn what they expect from you as well.  Here you can discuss your expected work hours, submission of deadlines, preferred ways of communication, the dos and don’ts, and their key performance indicators. Being open to one another about your expectations results in a strong working relationship.  Here is an example:

Norms and Expectations

[Name of Growth Assistant]

Work Schedule:

Communication Channel/Time of Communication:

Key Performance Indicators






Ongoing Strategies

To ensure things are running smoothly, here are our suggested ongoing strategies that you can use while working with your GA:

Daily Action List Emails

During the start of the shift, we recommend asking your GA to send you a daily action list via email. This can include the tasks that they are planning to work on for that given day. Doing this daily gives transparency for both of you and it also gives you an idea of the workload and the progress of your GA.  Here is an template:  

Hi [Client],


Good Day.


I’m already online and will be working on the following tasks today:


Task 1

Task 2 

Task 3


Please let me know if there are any other tasks that you would like me to work on and I will add this to our monitoring list.






Here is another option to be sent at the end of a shift:

Hi [Client],


I have accomplished the following tasks today:


Task 1

Task 2

Task 3


For tomorrow, I will be working on the following tasks.


Task 1

Task 2 

Task 3


Please let me know if there are any other tasks that you would like me to work on and I will add this to our monitoring list.


Thanks and talk to you tomorrow.





Weekly Call/Meeting Agenda

Having a weekly meeting via video call should be a priority especially since your GA is working virtually. Although the Project Plans and Daily Action List emails are quite helpful, it is still important to meet face to face for a better communication and understanding of the projects and work flow. During the meeting, you can 

discuss updates from the previous meetings, the status of ongoing and upcoming projects, accomplishments from last week, and goals for the new week. The 30 minute meeting is also a venue to check up on each other and communicate questions needed for work. As a client, it is also vital to provide feedback for your GA so they can learn and improve more in their role.

Here is a sample meeting agenda:

Weekly Meeting Agenda

  1. Accomplishments from Last Week (5 mins)

  2. Status of Ongoing Projects (5 mins)

  3. Feedback from Last Week (5 mins)

  4. Goals for the Week (Review Priority List) (10 mins)

  5. Questions and Concerns from GA (5 mins)

Total Time= 30 mins

Day 2

Now that you have these tips in mind, you are now ready to grow your business with your Growth Assistant!  This is how Day 2 should flow:

8am - GA sends the Daily Action List email

9am - 10 am - GA and manager check in to discuss any outstanding questions from day 1, review project plans, discuss ongoing strategy, etc.

5pm - GA sends a list of what has been accomplished, questions on any of the tasks, etc.