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Unlock Your Team

We embed full time offshore growth marketers to handle manual tasks, campaign management, design, and reporting.

Trusted By Billion Dollar Brands...

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Top 1% Talent

We handle the entire recruiting, vetting, and training process.

Plug & Play

Every GrowthAssistant is ready to do the job you need done. 

Ready To Scale

Whether you need 2 or 20 team members,
we've got your back.

A $100K Hire Should Never  
Be Doing $15/hr Work

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     Team Doing Everything Alone?

Stop losing talent to larger teams. Give your team the support they need. Executives and growth marketers need support to scale!

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      Scaling Faster Than You Can Recruit?

When you're focused on making the next "big hires" to keep up with growth, supporting roles can fall to the sidelines. 

What Our Clients Say

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Jam has been doing really exceptional work since joining DoorDash. She has exceeded expectations and brought lots of value to the team.

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Eric Wang


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Finding growth marketing resources is impossible right now. We’ll be working with GA to find more team members in the months ahead!

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Adam Weber

Varsity Tutors

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Our GA, Alvin, is incredible. Besides taking on tons of manual outreach and BDR work, he recently helped me systemize our account management tasks.

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Tawfiq Najjar

Clear Co

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Everything is good so far. Really enjoy working with her so far. I like how eager she is to learn and jump into things. We will definitely be diving into more projects soon.

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Jon Ordaz



Our GrowthAssistants Grow
Billion Dollar Businesses

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Digital Marketing Wizard

CRM Management

Social Media

Communications Skills

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Graphic Designer Rockstar


Video Editing

Graphic Design

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Tiktok & Instagram Ads Ninja

Ads Management

TikTok Ads Strategy

Excel Analysis

Growth Is Hard, Even With A Great Team

Top talent can only do great work when they have the time to do it. We take the rote work off their plate so they have more time for strategy and moving the needle.

How It Works

Take The Survey

Take our Needs Survey
and meet with our team to confirm your requirements.


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GrowthAssistant recruits a GA to fit your exact skillset, working hours, etc.


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Sit Back And Relax

While we vet and confirm that we've found your perfect GA match.


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Meet Your GA!

And get growing together! Your new GA is fully embedded as a part of your team.


Stop Losing Time And Talent
To Rote Work And Reporting

GrowthAssistant can help your team do more with their time so you can grow without limits!

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The Best Solution
For Your Needs





per month

Minimum of 2 years
of experience

Digital Marketing
Paid Ads
Email Marketer
SEO Specialist
Graphic Designer
Shopify Assistant
MKTG / BIZ Operations




per month

Minimum of 2 -5 years
of experience

Team Leads for Tier 1 Roles

3D Graphic Designer

Animations Designer

Marketing Automation

Data Analyst




per month

Minimum of 5 years
of experience

Dedicated Expert Roles

Website Developer

Marketing Data Engineer


Here We Grow!

GrowthAssisant is dedicated to helping teams scale and grow with the top 1% of offshore talent.